Organic Wuyi Oolong

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From Rishi Tea

This is a darker Oolong tea that happens to be organic. It is named for Fujian’s Wuyi Mountains where it is grown. It has thin, wiry leaves which look more like black tea than most oolongs.

This tea brews a deep orange color. The aroma is very warm, rich, and complex, with both some roast, some smokiness, and some tones of grain. It actually smells a bit like marijuana, and a bit like a fresh autumn day. I rather like the aroma and I can say I am constantly discovering new facets of it.

There is not much bitterness, especially given the strength of the aroma. This is a rich tea, but not biting or overwhelming.

Bottom line? Expensive, but definitely worth it. This is truly an outstanding tea and is a joy to drink.

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