Korakundah Estate Nilgiri Green

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From Upton Tea

This is a fascinating tea! Very, very different from other green teas I have tasted, and indeed different from any other tea I have tried. This tea comes from a high altitude area in south India. It is also fair trade and organic.

It brews a clear green color. The aroma is very dark and warm, and un-tea-like...it almost smells more like soup, with subtle spices and cooked vegetables.

Upton tea recommends to brew this tea at 180 degrees like most green teas. Following these directions, the flavor is very mellow, with almost no bitterness. The tea is very smooth and warm in character...lacking the crispness of most green teas. I prefer brewing it at a higher temperature. This tea does not scald as easily as some green teas, and at a higher temperature it has more bite, acquiring a sharp bitterness and a hint of smokiness, both of which I find to be a welcome balance to the mellow, rich aroma. The complexity of the aroma is not destroyed by brewing at a slightly higher temperature.

This tea is worth trying, especially for green-tea enthusiasts seeking something genuinely different from the usual styles. It's not a tea I would like to drink every day, but its refreshing for a change of pace. I would recommend trying a sample first though, as this is a tea that not everyone would like.


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