Himalayan BOP

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From Upton Tea

This is a high-grown broken leaf tea that is very inexpensive. It is similar in character to a Darjeeling tea. I am certainly not a connoisseur of this style of tea, but in my opinion, this tea contends with many pricier teas of a similar style.

This tea is very aromatic, with fresher and lighter tones than some black teas. It has less up-front bitterness, but a very bitter aftertaste. Much of the complexity of the aroma also lingers after each sip.

You will want to follow the brewing instructions on this one: a brief infusion of boiling water. I sometimes even prefer a shorter infusion than the 2-and-1/2 minutes Upton tea recommendeds. If you brew it too long the bitterness becomes overwhelming, and brewing it at a lower temperature yields a very bland cup of tea. I also would not recommend using more leaves: this will make it much too bitter. I've been able to (barely) brew two cups from this one. The second cup is more mellow, lighter in color, and less bitter, but also lacks a lot of the complexity of the aroma. In my opinion, if you want multiple cups of this tea it's better to brew them all at once.


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