Jasmine Tea

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From Tian Xiang Brand, Zhejiang Tea Import & Export Company, Ltd.

The leaves of this jasmine tea are very dark grayish brown, almost as dark as most black teas, although it is a rather light green tea. When brewed, the tea is a rich amber color.

This is a decent Jasmine tea that's a bit too far on the mellow side for my taste. The jasmine is very dominant in the aroma. There are some weak earthy undertones, and, kind of unusual for this style, there is a hint of wintergreen. There's a very mild bitterness in the aftertaste, but not much. Overall, good, but not terribly complex.

Be very careful to brew this one at a lower temperature. Like many jasmine teas, this tea can scald extremely easily. The higher the temperature you brew it at, the more bitter it gets, which I like, but there's a very narrow threshold between "too mellow" and "undrinkably burned tasting" for this tea.

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