Jade Cloud / Green Jade

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From Rishi Tea

This green tea is not only organic and fair trade, but it is an outstanding tea! The name "Jade Cloud" may come from the fact that this is a high-elevation tea, and the jade color of the leaves.

The aroma is very complex, with some grassy tones and some sharpness. Simultaneously clean and rich tasting. In my opinion, this tea combines the clean, sharp qualities of a good Japanese Sencha, without the fishy quality, and with the more rich and warm characteristics of some of the better Chinese green teas.

The flavor is quite sharp and bitter, and there is a bit of sourness, but the bitterness is mitigated by a sweetness in the aroma and aftertaste.

This tea can stand up very well to being brewed at different strengths. I find even a smaller amount of the leaves hold up well to being brewed multiple times: I usually make 3 cups out of the same leaves. The later cups are less bitter but retain much of the richness and complexity of this fine tea!

This tea is priced very reasonably: it is not cheap, but it is also not astronomically priced either, and it is a very high-end tea that could easily be sold for a higher price, so I think it qualifies as having excellent value.


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