Organic Hojicha

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From Mighty Leaf Tea

This is my favorite tea I've tried from Mighty Leaf...I've gotten used to being a bit disappointed, especially relative to their high prices, but this one comes closer than their others to their bold claims of selling "artisan" tea.

Dark brown in color, this tea has a rich, complex roasted aroma and some bitterness. It is slightly less mellow than some hoji-cha that I've tried from other sources, and I like the stronger character of this tea. My only complaint is a slight sourness that I could do without. But overall, this is good tea: it is even better than some loose teas of the same style that I've tried.

I found the second cup brewed from the teabag to taste better than the first; the sourness in the flavor was gone and more of the interesting aromatic qualities came out.

Is it worth the price though? Even though this is a very good tea, I still think it is overpriced.

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