Premium Chinese Rose Green Tea, Organic

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From Upton Tea

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Whereas people often think of roses as delicate and gentle, this is a very bold tea. The aroma is fruity, dark, and rich, and less floral than one would expect. The flavor is sharp and tangy, much more bitter than the fruity aroma might suggest. This is an outstanding tea, and is available at a very reasonable price. It is not, however, for the faint-hearted. Although this is one of my favorite teas, many of my friends have found it to be too bitter.

I almost always drink it plain and hot, but it also makes a delicious iced tea, with or without a bit of honey. It stands up very well to multiple brewing. I prefer brewing it at a higher temperature than recommended: unlike most flower-scented green teas, this tea does not scald easily, and will yield a much stronger bitterness (which I like) at a higher temperature. However, if brewed at a lower temperature, the subtlety and complexity of the aroma does come out much more, especially the pleasing vegetal tones.

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